Fri., Jan. 11 | The Yoga and Meditation Centre

How to Create Your Own Tantric Ceremony

In this workshop you will learn how to set the stage and create an authentic Tantrik ceremony within your individual practice space.
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How to Create Your Own Tantric Ceremony

Time & Location

Jan. 11, 2019, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
The Yoga and Meditation Centre, 2028 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z4, Canada

About the Event

In this workshop, you will learn how to set the stage and create an authentic Tantrik ceremony within your individual practice space. When we use the word "authentic", we mean that we do our best to practice and teach as close to original techniques and methods that we are able to, without moving to the extreme end of the esoteric, all while safetly testing the edges of our cultural and religious conditioning.

Tantrik practice encourages reverence of the phenomenon of the world around us through the senses, aiming to liberate our energies and offer us a doorway to a deeper truth than physical reality. In order to achieve this, we must create a safe and sacred space or container, both within and around us. This is the purpose of the Tantric ceremony, or Puja, and when integrated as daily awareness and practice, has the power to transform our relationship to the natural world and awaken a whole new dimension of intimacy within the space we share with our Beloved partners.

With all the beautiful information and unfortunate misinformation being shared about Tantra, we know it can be overwhelming to learn how to bring this age old practice into your own space. There are many Tantric traditions that exist and so there are many different way ways this can be practiced and experienced. Tantrik ceremonies (Pujas) can range from the extreme end of the esoteric, with complex rituals and intricate mantric formulas to very simple and practical. With that being said, there are a few key elements that when brought together will significantly increase Tantra's transformational power. These are the elements that make Tantra what it is.


- establishing an altar and objects of devotion

- methods to ground and liberate the flow of energy for increased energy and relaxation of mind, including asana, pranayama and mudra.

- the Tantrik body - the elements, the senses & the chakras

- purifying and sanctifying the elements and chakras with meditation, a simple Tantric Nyasa, and symbolic offering

- mantra & yantra as a key to unlocking and liberating our energies.

- communication and non-sexual touch exercises with a partner to offer intentions and create safe boundaries.


Tantra is a system. It is a science. It is not philosophy. It is a way of tuning into and experiencing ourselves and the interconnectedness of all beings and forms. Tantra enhances our sexuality by awakening us to the full potential of our masculine and feminine energies. In order to experience the bliss and unity that sacred sex promises us, we must first prepare our space, our bodies, our minds and our hearts for realization of the Self.

You may experience the following at one of our events:

- shame free acceptance

- sensuality & pleasure

- feelings of connectedness

- freedom from sexual shame

- ritual offering, energetic space clearing, incense

- mantras/chanting & yantra

- breathing (pranayama) exercises

- tantric meditation

- emotional energetic release

- vital sexual energy (qi, prana)

- worship of the [S]elf

- dancing & free movement

- partnered exercises (always optional)

- Tantric massage (full body, yoni & lingam)

** LGBTQ+ Friendly

** Consent is always of utmost importance within the sacred space we create. You must ask for consent prior to touching another person. This applies to hand holding, hugging and any other type of body-to-body contact between two or more people.

What to expect:

- Please come with comfortable clothing and a thick blanket and 1 or more pillows. We will be seated and lying down most of the time. An assortment of yoga props will be provided for your support.

- Please ensure you arrive 10 min early as we will be beginning right at 7:00 and will be practicing without break until 10:00.

- Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or other strong smells and please ensure you are showered, clean and ready to be close to other people.

  • Individual
  • Couples

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