Sat., Aug. 17 | Edmonton

The Five Elements of Touch - EDMONTON

A Musically Delightful Tantric Ceremony including a Sensual Hands-On Touch Exploration
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The Five Elements of Touch - EDMONTON

Time & Location

Aug. 17, 2019, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Edmonton, Edmonton, AB, Canada

About the Event

Learn to connect more deeply with the self and others in this sensual hands-on Tantric ceremony. Explore your desires in a safe and open space!

Our live group practices, suitable for both experienced practitioners and curious new people, will explore new ways to give and receive pleasure.


  • how to heighten physical sensations with awareness
  • the creation of an altar and objects of devotion
  • methods to ground and liberate the flow of energy
  • the 5 elements, the senses & the chakras
  • communication and non-sexual touch exercises
  • trauma sensitivity for yourself and others
  • the creation and communication of safe boundaries
  • how to spark intense connection with others


  • We always begin with individual exercises to purge & ground the energy and connect with the Self.
  • Instruction will be given on how to set the stage and create an authentic Tantric ceremony within your individual practice space.
  • There will be music, movement, sounding, meditation, and probably Aaron’s fave: Qigong.
  • Partner exercises will be fully guided and boundary communication is continued throughout.


  • Get your tickets on our website.
  • Please come wearing *comfortable clothing* of any style (sweats, PJ's, sexy stuff, whatever--your choice!) and dress in layers.
  • You must bring a blanket and 1 or more pillows per person to create a cozy nest on the floor. We will be seated and lying down a lot of the time and comfort is essential!
  • Refrain from wearing any perfumes or other strong smells and please ensure you are showered, clean and ready to be close to other people.
  • Email to ask any questions

Limited space available.

Register ASAP to reserve your spot!


$30 per person

Both SINGLES and COUPLES are welcome to attend. For part of the ceremony we will be doing partner exercises, which can be as intimate or as non-sexual as each person decides. An important part of our ceremonies includes tuning into our own desires and boundaries, then communicating them with others. If there's an odd number of people, Alissa and/or Aaron are happy to pair up with a single!

You may experience the following at one of our events:

- shame-free acceptance

- sensuality & pleasure

- feelings of connectedness

- freedom from sexual shame

- ritual offering, energetic space clearing, incense

- mantras/chanting & yantra

- breathing (pranayama) exercises

- tantric meditation

- emotional energetic release

- enhanced communication & boundaries

- vital sexual energy (qi, prana)

- worship of the [S]elf - partnered exercises (always optional)

--> LGBTQ+ Friendly

--> Consent is always of utmost importance within the sacred space we create! You must ask for consent prior to touching another person. This applies to hand holding, hugging and any other type of body-to-body contact between two or more people.


Aaron and Alissa practice their Cosmic Partnership with each other every single day. They apply it to real life and know how to make that work. They are constantly expanding their personal pleasure capacities and learning new ways to relate to and pleasure each other. It's their life practice and they love to teach others the same.


Tantra is a system. It is a science. It is not philosophy. It is a way of tuning into and experiencing ourselves and the interconnectedness of all beings and forms. Tantra enhances our sexuality by awakening us to the full potential of our masculine and feminine energies. In order to experience the bliss and unity that sacred sex promises us, we must first prepare our space, our bodies, our minds and our hearts for realization of the Self.

  • Couple
  • Single

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